Field Trip Friday


This is the back cover of my Spain journal – we visited Marbella and Seveille in the south and Barcelona in the north. Of course I loved it…beautiful country, lovely people – in their physicality and their demeanor, amazing art..what's not to love? 


Passions run deep in Spain and while I couldn't understand the language – my spanish skills diminish quickly after the usual pleasantries – I loved a saying our guide taught us, "mi alma" – which literally translates to "my soul". From what I could gather, this expression is used as a term of endearment (I'd love to be called, "mi alma") but can also be used in exasperation as in, "mi alma…you are getting on my last nerve." A good all purpose expression spoken with passion in any context. The other little watercolors are of a table tile (blue) and a bull skull (red). The black and white is a partial view of a winding stone pattern at a park in Seville.


Everywhere we went we ordered Cafe Con Leche. I am not a coffee drinker but I most definitely fell in love with the sweet, creamy espresso sized coffee that are ubiquitous in Spain. It isn't like coffee I've had anywhere else. They use some special kind of sweetened condensed milk. I crave them sometimes but haven't been able to replicate them or find the true Spanish version. Seriously addicting. 

2 Responses to Field Trip Friday

  1. stephanie says:

    oh yes!! Cafe con Leche!! We came home, bought a special machine…I purchased beautiful tiny coffee cups in Spain…and cannot duplicate it.

    lovely water colors as well….


  2. renee says:

    mi alma – wonderful. I can remember my Aunt using that expression – she was from Mississippi. And the Cafe con Leche – sounds marvelous! Guess I’ll be sticking with my latte’s! Miss you!

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