Field Trip Friday


A couple of years ago we lit out to Hawaii for a little August R & R – our summer vacation. The kids had never been and we knew they'd love it. Of course they'd love it, what's not to love? It's a schlep to get there, but once there and the velvet air envelopes you, it's hard to think of leaving. I've been dreaming of it lately. A long, snowy, dry, cold Colorado winter is getting on my last nerve.


This is a postcard and business card from one of my favorite restaurants on planet earth. Mama's Fish House on Maui serves really fresh fish in a polynesian style. It's a little touristy these days, but wasn't so much the first time we went there year's ago. The restaurant is set on the most perfect little crescent of a white sand cove graced with gently arching coconut palms. The menu features the name of the fisherman that caught the fish that day. Built by the Christenson family in the 1950's, the interior is all carved and polished Hawaiian koa wood. A little bit of old Hawaii. Sigh. Wish I could have lunch there today…


Dining with children can get tiresome (especially when we travel), so we often whip out a piece of paper and play hangman. It's entertaining and hilarious and we still laugh about words that we stumped each other with. Not sure how we came up with Jesus Nut…this journal (all travel journals) holds so many memories. I'm loving conjuring up Hawaii for you today…

4 Responses to Field Trip Friday

  1. Lisa Hoffman says:

    We all want to dive head first into your excursions AND your journals!!!

    Loving this, especially the Jesus Nut hangman entry. I DARE you to make a tee shirt.

  2. Chris says:

    Oh, Mama’s! We’re going to Maui in April and Mama’s is just the ticket. We love it there.

  3. Stephanie says:

    This is really fun, traveling back into your travel journals…good pick, Hawaii!! for us now.

  4. I just went to Maui last September…it was glorious. I also kept a travel journal, not too elaborate because I was usually exhausted from too much sun and fun and snorkeling. I loved Mama’s Fish House too, went there 3 years ago. Latest Fave: Old Lahaina Luau!

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