My teenage daughter came home with these recently. Cute, simple gloves until upon closer inspection you notice that there are little slits in the thumbs and fingers – for TEXTING! Ok, on one level this is really handy and cute and on another it has lead me to think about how technology changes our relationship to the world. My husband says that rock climbers have had these little digital escape hatches for years as a way to free fingers for tying rope knots. Makes sense. But will all gloves soon come standard issue with these little peep holes? Can we never be allowed to simply use our hands free from their tether to the digital (no pun intended)? I already feel so inescapably bound to digital technology – I sometimes long to be off the grid without a beep or bing or old fashinoned ring tone within ear or eyesight. What is THAT reality like? I'm beginning to forget. I think I'm lucky being an artist because I do work with my hands often. But as we lose touch, literally, with our deeper connection to the world, how will that change us and how will we evolve? Deep thoughts for a Tuesday morning. Just pondering. 

Go here to listen to Lucile Mascarena's story about hands – uplifting and thoughtful.

And if you have a teenager in your life, these cute little gloves would make a great gift and not break the bank at $2.80 – find them here. You'll be the "cool" one for spotting these – and skip the diatribe, it will be lost on them. 

4 Responses to Pondering….

  1. Renee Howell says:

    Hi there. OK – I just bought totally finger-tip-less gloves so I can text. And it was long ago that I saw the teenage years on a personal basis. The little life-changing things. Blogs with all my Art friends! SO glad blogs exist. A quick pictorial visit into another’s space. Love the pick me up. Hope you are staying WARM. Too cold for me!

  2. ellen says:

    Thank you fran for the perfect teenager present, except I din’t see the gray color…..?

    Lovely lunch today!

  3. Julie says:

    Cool…is that really the part of the finger that we text with? I never gave it any thought! Cool gift idea, Fran 🙂

  4. Stephanie says:

    How well I understand this digital obsession…hard to believe we used to actually be ‘out of touch’ for hours at a time.


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