Happy Holidays!


Just back from Christmas in the Caribbean, my first ever in warmer climes. It was lovely, really lovely. This little Christmas palm caught my eye on Tortola in the British Virgin Islands. A bright and shiny day is what they wish for – blue sky and sunshine is their version of our White Christmas.


It's been so cold (single digits and snow) here in Colorado that this sight was just a dream. We organized ALL of our extended family for a cruise and headed south – 29 of us – age 78 to 8!


Tea on the veranda of the ship…a shiny reflection…heaven.


This little guy was hanging out at the bar at the Barcardi rum distillery tour that my brothers and I did.


Miss Joan was making these great little wire baskets at a shop on Tortola – look over her right shoulder for some of the finished ones…four of them came home with me.


Christmas Eve found a bunch of us at the upper deck bar playing Mexican Trash Train dominoes all afternoon. Drinking Mojitos with my brother and sister-in-law, while the kids were…where were the kids?


I found a quiet spot on the beach for some Christmas day wave watching and a little reading, followed by a massage – the BEST Christmas EVER!


There were beautiful blue cottony skies…


…and azure wakes…Hope your holiday's were bright and shiny as well.

5 Responses to Happy Holidays!

  1. mary ann says:

    i love this post and those blue cottony skies and the bird on the bacardi and well…just everything.


  2. Alberta says:

    What a great post; your Christmas sounds heavenly. Thanks for sending some sunshine my way!

  3. Stephanie says:

    What a heavenly! way to spend Christmas…the Christmas ornaments on the palm…perfect.

    AND the tropical bird on the Bacardi…oh yes.

    Happy New Year!!


  4. &rew says:

    Lots of happy blue color, indeed. And the blue moon supposed to be appearing tonight but the skies’ all covered with clouds, so I will have to paint a round one with white gesso and caribbean blue metallic paint on window glass pane – better than no moon at all. Anyway, happy new year, Fran! &rew

  5. liesel says:

    Oh a tropical blue Christmas! How lusciously lovely for you-and with your whole family. What a great treat for you. So glad you are having so many good adventures!

    Happy New Year Fran!

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