Hand by Hand, Note by Note


Maybe it's the holiday season, maybe it's because it's winter, but my hands are itching to be busy. I'm working on a doll commission right now, with lots of beading. My son has gotten back out his sketch books for doodling all the inventions that are trapped inside his eleven year old mind. Even my slightly jaded sixteen year old daughter has taken to baking cupcakes, her current creative outlet. And we are happier for it. I recently pondered the fate of a world where we work less and less with our hands and more and more with technology. Around the time I posted I found the most wonderful film on Netflix  and have been re-inspired.

Note by Note  takes us on the journey of building a Steinway L1037, by hand, from start (the forest) to finish (Steinway's New York City showroom). It takes almost a year to make this exquisite instrument and a team of very dedicated craftsman/artists. It's fascinating to watch them work with their hands and hearts and minds in such a skilled and intricate way. They LOVE their jobs and most have worked for the Steinway family business for a very long time and have brought family members and friends into the fold. It's a virtual United Nations of artisans, all working together for a common goal of creating amazing pianos with a sound soul that is as unique as a person's signature. There is a lot of great piano improv from some very famous pianists, which made me instantly want to sign up for lessons. On a Steinway, of course. But even for those of us whose only keyboard will be a computer's, this documentary inspires and entertains and enlightens. Watch it and feel inspired to make something by hand. And heart.

p.s. I'll be away for the holiday next week and hope to post from the road. But if not, enjoy the solstice and the return to the light, I'll be back soon. Happy Holidays! – p.s.s. Typepad is giving me fits this morning with spacing and aligning issues…sorry about that…I know this is a little wonky.

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  1. nancy neva says:

    WONKY is a good thing,
    it reflects the hand
    (that’s a stretch,
    since it’s caused by the computer program) lol. i’m trying…..
    what is a good thing is the film,
    solstice light and bright transitions 2u.
    luv, neva

  2. Stephanie says:

    Fran, here here to a hand print on every human transaction!

    Happy solstice and HURRAY for tipping toward the light.


  3. Hi Fran, I saw the ‘Note by Note’ documentary and agree with you about how important it is to use our hands to make things and create. Hope you’re enjoying the holidays and all of your snow. Happy New Year! Paula

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