Getting Arboreal: A Nature Collection – Part II


Way back in September I posted the picture above of the "Guardian Tree" at our new house, as part of Julie's bloglandia event, Getting Arboreal. The idea of this photography project was to choose a special tree and photograph it a couple of times over the seasons. You can find my first summer photos here, and a list of participating artist's here.


Now a few short weeks past the end of summer, and well into autumn, the snow fell for the second time this season. Last Sunday I snapped this photo from approximately the same spot…


…snow exposing the great contrasts between darks and light, shades of grey and white. Weathered, old bark speaking to about 100 years of Colorado storms. It gives me goose bumps to think of all…


…the stories these limbs – great and airy could tell. I'm trying to enjoy this season of bare truth, but secretly already longing for the budding green of spring. All the while this magnificent tree just sighs in the wind, content to be. A lesson there…

6 Responses to Getting Arboreal: A Nature Collection – Part II

  1. OOOhhhh awwwwweee…I love these bare snow covered limbs! Beautiful shots, Fran..very Adams-esque! Thank you so much for playing along with us..see you in the Spring!


  2. Stephanie says:

    She is a beauty…and lovely to see her in her winter garb.


  3. Hi Fran, Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your tree photos from the contrasting seasons. I won’t be at PLAY this year but will be at ArtFest in the spring. Hope all is well with you. Happy creating.

  4. nancy neva says:

    i Know….!! already thinking of spring popping out on our walk today, but we haven’t even had a first snow. it’s easy to talk about the beauty of our seasons in july!! but, like your photos, that edging of snow transforms. i love the blankets that are yet to come, but i know i will tire of them as well.
    nature does teach us lessons well.
    take care x0

  5. Becci says:

    Snow already! This is beautiful! We don’t get snow here in Wichita too often anymore but I’m hoping I can get a pic of my tree covered in snow too!

  6. It’s the final arboreal week…stop by so we can see your tree!

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