The Wing Takes Flight


The very handsome and talented Eddie Running Wolf is back on Niwot Road working his magic on another of the old cottonwood stumps that line the road. There are three of them and the first was transformed into…


Biitoheinen – Spirit Lodge Man, which I wrote about last October. This summer we were delighted to see that Eddie has returned, beginning work on…


…this winged creature. We've all been curious to see what the wing would reveal itself as. Pencil lines giving a hint…


…revealing a magnificent eagle. My son and I stop by periodically to chat with Eddie and just admire his beautiful carving and amazing sculptural work.

WingThe eagle's wing and body soaring and tipping delicately against the blue autumn sky. It's such a great pleasure to watch Eddie work and reveal these amazing beings. And at least in my mind, it begs the age old Platonic/Aristolian question…does the art exist in the artist and do they impart upon the materials their vision? Or is the artist simply the revealer, the art work already being present in the materials? Something to ponder as we stand in awe of this amazing work. 

2 Responses to The Wing Takes Flight

  1. Renee says:

    WOW – Will be up in that general area next week – taking a class with Susan. Will have to find out where these wonderful sculptures are. Will email you!

  2. Jan Korr says:

    Hi Frannie, Michelangelo clained the figures were already in the stone and all he did was to reveal them. Mom

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