Post Script – Arboreal


As all good synchronicity plays out, I was listening to NPR the day after I posted about my new tree friends, when this lovely story about the ancient trees in Great Britain came over the air waves. According to the forester being interviewed, ancient is older than 100 years. Some of Great Britain's oldest trees are 400, or 700 or even 3,000 years old. In fact it is believed that 70% of Europe's ancient trees reside in GB. Britain's National Trust, and sister charity, The Woodland Trust have set out an ambitious 5 year plan to take a census to identify all of Britain's oldest trees in order to figure out how to preserve the ecosystems that they are a part of. 

All of this really has me thinking about, and viewing, the trees in my life in a different way. It's an interesting story. Go here to have a listen.

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