Getting Arboreal: A Nature Collection


I am joining in on a photography collaboration hosted by JeriAnn at Commuters Journal  and Julie at The Land of Lost Luggage. The idea is that participants will photograph a favorite or special tree(s) and post three times over the course of the year – August, November and April – I'm thinking a deep winter one too. Anyway, check in on Julie's website for a list of participants and their amazing tree friends and get Arboreal. 

This stunning specimen is on the lot at my new house. I can hardly believe that I get the honor of becoming his caretaker. I say "his" because we are calling this tree, "The Guardian" and he sits at the end of the driveway just after crossing the bridge into our front yard, a sentinel of all who pass. A true, magnificent Guardian. It's a Black Willow and has happily grown on the ditch that runs through the property for around one hundred years.


For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to live in the shadow of a great tree. I've admired many trees in favorite parks and at other people's homes. Always longing for an arboreal friend to call my own. There are more great trees on this lot which I will befriend over time. There are cups of tea to be had in their dappled shade and explorations to made of their lovely branches and weathered trunks. I have time. And they have time. It's so calming just to stand in their presence.


The ancient looking bark (is 100 years ancient? – sometimes 52 feels ancient) fascinates me with it's twining and twisting story. True arboreal love.

I can't wait to share the journey of years to come with my new Guardian.

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  1. Crimany, Fran- WHAT A TREE!! Lovely shots…I can’t wait to see this beauty in the seasons!!


  2. Just a reminder that the Getting Arboreal: A Nature Collection is up for an update next week. Try to make a post with both your original tree photo and your new tree photo and leave me a comment so I can update the links. Hope to see you then!

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