Fixer Upper, etc.


We bought a fixer-upper. Not this one, but I loved this postcard from my collection. Kind of gives the feel of what we are dealing with. We probably won't move in until next summer, and we are still in the design phase of the remodel, but the details of remodeling are numerous. We have a wonderful architect who is graciously guiding us through the process, but it's beginning to take more time. Thus, not so much posting. I will probably be off the radar for bits of time, here and there, as we work on the house. I'll keep you posted with updates as it starts to take shape. 


My in between time has been spent getting ready for the Longmont Studio Tour, which will be held September 19th and 20th. Miss Stephanie of the luscious Mango Studio has kindly offered to host me again, so stop by if you are in the area. These ipod cases will be for sale…


…along with some new collage/paintings I've been experimenting with. I work mostly in a visual journal and it's hard to translate my pages into something for sale, something people can take home and hang on their own walls. This seems like an interesting solution – like journaling on a free floating page.


Speaking of free floating, this graceful beauty was just hanging out in the yard this week! I live no where near this guys natural habitat, but there he was content to survey the ravine that runs down the back of my house. A warm prairie wind was blowing that day as he settled in. Wonder what the coyotes thought of him. All in a summer's day.

6 Responses to Fixer Upper, etc.

  1. ellen says:

    Hey Frannie,
    I don’t have your email for some reason here on the Vineyard, but wondered if you were going to sign up for artfest this year. It tempts me especially because Sarah will be up there…

    We have hurrian Bill, Chelsea’s wedding and the Obama family here this weekend. Never a dul moment….What are you up to?

  2. Jan Korr says:

    That’s some fixer upper alright, and now you have velvet at both houses. Mom

  3. nancy neva says:

    hey…..good to see you. missed you. figured you were “house busy”…..what a ride this will be for you, nice you’re happy with the architect. take care, neva

  4. Stephanie says:

    Fran…I think these wonderful little journal-esc paintings will fly on outta here!

    ha! love the before pic of your new home

  5. Lisa Hoffman says:

    If those paintings don’t sell out in the first half hour, there’s something seriously wrong with people….

    Keep us posted on the Great Boulder Rennovation.
    Just WAIT til people see your new Beauty….

  6. Lisa C says:

    Your ipod cases and paintings are absolutely stunning. Anybody who gets one has a true treasure. And what about that deer? Wow! 🙂

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