Adios, amigos! I am off to Spain for a week with my husband. We'll be enjoying some tapas and some great wine, seeing some incredible architecture, a bull fight and I'll probably try dragging him to see some flamenco as well. He'll be working a bit too, I'm tagging along on a business trip. Via con dios! Lovely Picasso ink drawing above. Fluid with motion and intensity, amazing.

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  1. hmmmmmmm! your life!! i LIKE it! taos? or spain?…you have got it going on, my friend….enjoy…look forward to your “share” when you return.
    luv, nn

  2. Ah, once again we get to “go along” with you for a dose of World Travel and a look through your wonderful perspective.

    I love the photos, but your travel journals are the thing that I await. Call me from the airport!

  3. I hope you enjoy the wine, the tapas, and the architecture, but as far as the bull “fight”, I hope you see it for what it really is: barbarian animal torture.

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