On A Wing…And A Tree


Eddie Running Wolf is back in town working his sculptural magic on one of the dead Cottonwood trees along Niwot Road. 


You might remember that I posted about this lovely wood sculpture, "Spear Man Lodge," which he completed last October. Eddie is a descendent of the Northern Cheyenne and a very accomplished artist. He toiled under the hot sun and freezing temperatures, the span of four seasons, to uncover and discover Biitoheinen.


And so far we have seen a magnificent wing appear out of this cottonwood's stumpy trunk…


…carved with careful and intricate detail…what else is hiding in the grooves and crevices of this once great tree? We'll watch and see and I'll keep posting as this work of art reveals itself.


 Meanwhile, Eddie's sense of humor protects the public from themselves!


There are two other stumps just a few feet away from the sculpted ones, waiting for the artist's imaginings; whispering their secrets patiently.

3 Responses to On A Wing…And A Tree

  1. Lisa Hoffman says:

    Love the new Blog format and the new photo!
    Even MORE fun things to explore……

  2. stephanie says:

    Just drove by this yesterday and was happy to see he started stump numba 2!

  3. Chris says:

    Nice new photo of you, too.

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