We tried a new burger joint this weekend and it was FABULOUS! And not only is the food really, really good but everything you see on this tray is either edible or compostible. That's right! My ice tea cup…compostible…and also the silver ware (made from corn*)…the boxes and the straw! They only have a compost bin and a recycle bin for glass and plastic bottles – no landfill/trash bin! The oil they use for cooking their amazing fries is recycled as bio fuel and the interior is paneled with reclaimed urban timber. Now this is what we want – this is change we can believe in. Larkburger is a burger joint for the 21st Century – also offering killer tuna, turkey and veggie burgers. Move over Fonzie.

So far there are only 2 of these great burger wonders (I hope they franchise). So if you are skiing near Vail, or crossing over the continental divide on I-70, you can make a pit stop at the Larkburger in Edwards, Colorado or stop by the one in Boulder. It's worth the drive. In your Prius, of course.

*To learn more about their compostible silverware and cups, go here for more information on EcoProducts.

5 Responses to Larkburger

  1. Gwen Delmore says:

    How much to FedEx me one of those? What a great photo, makes one want to dive right in to those fries!

    We are coming to Colorado in June, we will be in Denver for a couple of days, maybe we can meet?

  2. stephanie says:

    Those fries!!!! The trays, bamboo? Thank you thank you for the review, will be putting this on the list.

    Love the new look here and the links to fab places in the hood…nice.


  3. SandraG. says:

    Hi Fran: I posted a comment earlier and it is not appearing soooo was wondering if it came thru at all?? thought I would try sending this one to check it out ??
    Blessings, Sandra in AZ

  4. Lisa Hoffman says:

    I concur!
    Thank you for turning me onto this place. Hooray for the AmyBurger, the vegetarian choice – the best portobello mushroom burger that I’ve ever had. NOw if I can continue resisting the FIVE DOLLAR SHAKE….

  5. Jan Korr says:

    Frannie, The carnival photos are wonderful. You and Whitney just blow me away. The email from Chip was dear, wasn’t it? Echoes of long ago carried forward and recreated in a new time…….what a nice thought to carry with me. Love, Mom

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