Inspiration. It's everywhere. Recently I had my blogversary (February 22nd) and this post will be my 120th. It's been over a year and I decided it was time to juice up my blog with a new banner and a couple of additions to my sidebars. In the left hand sidebar you can now find photos of my studio, journal pages, examples of my fiber and bead pieces and some of my other artwork. I've added my Amazon store (if you are wondering what some of my favorite books and music are) as well as a list of some of my favorite food blogs, "Foodie Blogs That Make Me Hungry." Just a little added bit of what inspires me and what may inspire you.

The lovely feather umbrella above came from the studio of artist Rebecca Didomenico. I had the wonderful opportunity to visit her studio and hear her speak last week at an event sponsored by the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art (BMOCA). Rebecca is as lovely and charming as her work. She's quite an amazing installation artist – her work is big and involved and time consuming to make –  and breathtaking and inspiring to behold. 


She has been asked by BMOCA to do an installation for an upcoming show called, "Pure Pleasure". And as is true with many artist's, how she came up with the idea for her entry is as interesting and inspiring as the work itself. 

While in Borneo last year she happened upon a boat festival where the boats had been festooned with brightly colored umbrellas and ribbons. Rebecca said she was quite taken with the whole scene of the boats and their enthusiastic decorators floating on the water. The camera came out, photos were taken, inspiration takes hold. 


Fast forward to this year and her invitation to join the "Pure Pleasure" show. In pondering her entry, the umbrellas came to mind. But not just any umbrellas. She's also been inspired by spherical geometry and the work of Buckminster Fuller. To that end, she figured out that she could make 32 umbrellas and construct them into a sphere – think soccer ball with it's many facets. Each umbrella represents a pleasure for her. Bright pink and lime green feathers, tiny umbrella drink umbrellas painted by her sons – kind of a parody of an umbrella, googlie eyes creating a swirling pattern, fan coral, tiny printed circuit boards…


…the one's above are little faces on the to-be-covered-in-chocoloate brown umbrella, the the night sky punched and stitched to the blue one…


…and this one covered with butterfly wings that have been encased in very thin mica slices. So the umbrellas will become, while representing individual pleasures, something of a much bigger pleasure to behold. Funny, clever, touching, ethereal – an amazement. Brilliant. 32 of them. She has the grand vision – yes – but also the skill and discipline to make her ideas a reality. I can't wait to see this amazing installation when it's complete. 

I think it's something really great art does. Inspires us, makes us think and leaves us wanting more. 

On her website (here) there is a nice little film called, "Windows and Lenses" (under the "gallery" section), of her working in her studio and her amazing installation piece, "Mica Chamber" and some other pieces as well. Be patient, the little film starts out slowly, but it's worth the wait.

7 Responses to Inspiration

  1. Gwen Delmore says:

    I always look forward to a new post from you, Fran! You find such fascinating things to share, this post is beautiful and inspiring.

    Your photos and words are great, and I love the albums of your own work you added to the blog.


  2. stephanie says:

    well I’ll be! I searched and searched for a web site for her!!

    Beautiful post you have shared here, it was a magical time in Rebecca’s home and studio and wonderful to share with you…


  3. stephanie says:

    AND your photos are beautiful and the new banner lovely…

  4. nancy neva says:

    let it rain!! just kidding….not for these umbrellas!! celebrating life, creative spirit, the mind at work!! thanks, fran.

  5. eb says:

    love this work! – love umbrellas!
    thank you for sharing her site
    gorgeous pictures – the mica and wings piece is amazing…

    happy spring to you Frannie

    xox – eb.

  6. eb says:

    your blog looks beautiful and I have so enjoyed seeing more of your work – you inspire me deeply – thanks so much…

    xox – eb.

  7. Leau says:

    oohh aaahhh pretty pretty. I love each and every one of them. thanks for sharing. can’t wait to tour her site. i wonder if she saw eb’s post under the pink umbrella? smooches

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