Finding Their Voices On The Page


Hard at work, my journaling students are practicing their "voice" lessons. We just had our second class and will have our third next week. I have to say I really like teaching. I wasn't so sure if I'd like it or if they'd like me. But all is good and I seem to be guiding and inspiring them to create and fill their journal pages with wonderous things.


We've gathered at my kitchen table – spacious and welcoming – in a light filled alcove. How many entreprenuerial endeavors begin at kitchen tables? When I was in publishing, we started what became Velo News magazine, in the guest bedroom of the editor's house! All great ideas start small – a good thing to remember.


One of the things we worked on last week was using collage to create mail art postcards. Charlotte's is looking mighty fine with the frame around the moon.


We began at the beginning by creating a "begin" page…


…I think their first pages are beautiful and unique…


I see their voices begin to echo and unfold…

Ellen-2 ways surprising…


…and personal…


The guiding principal of these classes has been "finding your voice on the page" – and with that in mind I leave you with this wonderful Brenda Ueland quote – hope your voice is showing up on the page and elsewhere.

"Everyone is original, if they tell the truth, if they speak from their true self. But it must be from their true self and not from the self they think they should be. So remember these two things: you are talented and you are ORIGINAL".

6 Responses to Finding Their Voices On The Page

  1. katy says:

    Fran, You are obviously an amazing teacher! Look at what your students are creating! Can I be in your next class? Pretty please??

  2. Renee says:

    Of COURSE YOU are a teacher! Love the work. When is your next class? And…when will you do a weekend retreat – ha! Thanks for posting the art. franmenely is where I go during the stressful days of my work life. LOVE the poem. Thanks!

  3. Liesel Lund says:

    Hi Fran! What fun! I bet you are a great teacher! Your students’ work is beautiful!

  4. Seth says:

    I imagine you are a natural teacher and supporter. Just the concept of finding ones voice is a special lesson indeed. All the journal pages in this post are truly wonderful.

  5. Lisa Hoffman says:

    She teaches!!!!…of COURSE you rock at it.
    Hey Artfest….take note and sign her up.
    LOve the work. Your students really jumped in and trusted their own process….the mark of a fab teacher.
    I’m bringing you an apple. Right now.

  6. jaihn says:

    Lovely work, lovely post, lovely blog.
    Meeting you for the first time, via Pure Experimentation.
    I’ll return to explore further overhere.
    Thank you.

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