Shrine On


There's a theme running through my life right now – letting the light shine. And I had the pleasure of returning to student mode (really I'm always there) this week by taking a mosaic class with the lovely and talented Susan Wechsler. She's an amazing mosaic maven with a very unique voice, and she opens her lofty and airy studio up to students who want to learn this very fun and beautiful art form. I was accompanied by one of my BFF's Lisa Hoffman – which made the day even funner (I swear funner if a word). Check out her beautiful mosaic class project here. It's as lovely and striking as she is. Susan is a very generous and enthusiastic teacher. If you are anywhere near Longmont, Colorado I suggest taking that plate of Aunt Edwina's that you can't part with, (but have no idea what to use it for) and get thee to Susan's studio. 

And BTW – if you ARE in the area you'll want to have a bite to eat at Susan's husband's restaurant in Boulder, Bimbamboo  - a modern asian kitchen, specializing in very fresh, and affordable, food with Thai, Malaysian, Korean and Vietnamese influences. YUM! Parker and I ate there recently  and I loved, and wolfed down, my Hot and Sour Shrimp Soup Bowl, brimming with tiger prawns, green tea soba noodles and tofu. Parker (10) had the Crispy Chicken Wings – Seoul Style and pronounced them, "the best ever". 

Art and food in one family. What could be better?

4 Responses to Shrine On

  1. Lisa Hoffman says:

    Your piece is SO killer-cool!…..I’m stalking through the house now, looking for stuff to smash. Nothing is safe.
    Thanks for the inspiring day. Between you, Susan and Marcy, it was a TRIUMPH.

    Good idea, sending the masses to BIMBAMBOO…coming from YOU, the ultimate gourmet taster, it’s VERY high praise indeed.

    Here’s to next time!

  2. stephanie says:

    Fun Fran, great piece!
    I love Susan and her studio! Do you get to use some of her goodies or do you have to supply all your own….just curious….

    AND, yes, Bimbamboo is the best…those sweet potato fries!


  3. Leau says:

    Both of you guys did such cool pieces!! What fun to take a class, close to home and with a friend. Couldn’t get much funner than that! Thanks for sharing. smooches

  4. That’s one very beautiful shrine!

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