A Thousand Splendid Skies


Happy Winter Solstice – it's the longest dark day (in this hemisphere) of the year before we begin the long jettison back towards the light. I have been helped through this season of short daylight hours by observing the sky in my western neck of the woods. I live out on the high plains of Colorado and the skies here are big and quite beautiful this time of year. Especially in the dusky early mornings and late afternoons. With my trusty iPhone (who knew a phone could have such a great lense!?) and camera I have been documenting the transitions of this season and falling in love with the celestial show of the winter skies.

May your winter days be filled with light, celestial or otherwise – hope you are enjoying the turning of the season.

2 Responses to A Thousand Splendid Skies

  1. Lisa Hoffman says:

    You’ve presented some great reasons to look up, even when it’s dark/icy/brutal. Wouldn’t these make great postage stamps?…you can turn photos into postal stamps on line. These would Rock the P.O.!!!!

  2. stephanie says:

    We are sooooo lucky, every night the sky puts on an ever changing magical show.

    AND, yes! postage stamps!!

    Happy Hannukah!

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