Yes We Did!



As I sat with my children and watched Barack Obama elected as our 44th President, I was overcome with deep emotion. Tears flowed. I have ached for a government of inclusion and intelligence. Someone to unite this great country and restore our standing in the world. Someone who could reconcile and lead. I have carried this hope with me all this long election season. I became involved in our democratic process. I feel more hopeful and proud today than I have in a very long time. 

Yes we did!

4 Responses to Yes We Did!

  1. So well said, Fran. Me too. Yes, we did!!!!

  2. Chris says:

    I cried, too. I feel such a burden lifted, and I didn’t even really think that would feel like it does. I am so happy that our reputation among other nations can begin to heal, I’m so glad that we have hope now that the values this country was founded on will be restored, I missed the inclusiveness, and the open-heartedness and the innocence. I’ve gotten so many words and emails from friends and family and colleagues who feel the same sense of relief and hope. We needed this, all of us. This man is intelligent, confident, at peace with himself, and able to make decisions. His first ones have been good.


  3. stephanie says:

    This was such a HUGE REAL grass roots effort…earth shifting, history making.

    I am STILL crying, can’t stop…


  4. Laume says:

    I wrote a similar post today, only you were so much more succinct than me – yet said it all. I still feel like I’m walking on air!

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