Tales from Oaxaca


In the spirit of my celebrating the Day of the Dead with my fellow art bloggers StephanieSusanna and numerous others, I will begin my "Tales from Oaxaca" series tomorrow, detailing my trip to Oaxaca last year (around this time) with Michael de Meng.  We traveled to experience the Day of the Dead in one of Mexico's most celebrated cities. It was an amazing trip filled with so much color and celebration, my head spins (again) just looking at my photos. I will post about every other day – 6 posts – leading up to my personal celebration – ofrenda building and sugar skull decorating party – on November 1st which I will share with everyone on November 2nd, as part of the Dia de Bloglandia event. So tune in tomorrow for the first installment of…Tales from Oaxaca.

2 Responses to Tales from Oaxaca

  1. mary ann says:

    tapping her foot waiting……..

  2. stephanie says:

    ohhhh! I can’t wait to hear ALL about it….

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