Studio Quest


Hey y'all! A little shameless self promotion here. My studio is featured in this go round of the Cloth, Paper, Scissors publication, Studios. I found mine at Barnes & Noble, but I think Border's carries this title as well, or you can order it directly from them here

The magazine peeks inside some very cool studios with text, tips and explanations by the artists. It's a great source for organizing and set-up ideas, as well as fantastic eye candy. I love seeing other artist's studios. Every chance I get to peruse anyone's creative space, I jump on it. It's fascinating to get a look at another member of the tribe's creative process, and their space says a lot about them. I love all the stuff artists collect, hang and show in their work space – the stuff that gets attracted to their environment – like crows with their shiny treasure. Know what I mean? Anyway, if you are like me and love being a bit of a voyeur into the lives of other artists, give this periodical a try.


And speaking of cool studios, I read about this group in London that bought 6 abandoned "underground tube carriages"  - that's Brit speak for subway cars – that they hauled onto the top of a restored Victorian warehouse and remodeled into artist's studios. How cool it THAT! It's called Village Underground and the building that the carriages sit on acts as a kind of collaborative space for creative types. It's a very unique idea, cleverly thought out and executed, by people with a vision both deep and wide. And with a lot of dough. I'm not certain it could happen here. Maybe. Anybody got Richard Branson's number? Oh wait, he's a Brit. It could never happen here. Anyway, check out their website. I think you'll feel as inspired as I do. The pic above is the outside of a couple of the carriages, which they wisely left with graffiti in place.


One artist's clean aesthetic….


….another's more realistic look.

Whether it's a closet, the spare bedroom, a basement, half a bay of a garage, a "tube carriage" or a stand alone barn – it's good to have space to dream in. To create in.  A place to let your freak flag fly. 

No matter where your art supplies land, let 'er rip!

4 Responses to Studio Quest

  1. Lisa Hoffman says:

    Amazing Grace?…in YOUR case, try Amazing Space.
    just so that your readers know, as cool as the photos might look, your studio is a million times cooler “in person”. Actually that applies to your entire house.

    Those subway cars look divinely cozy. What a brilliant idea (lightbulb goes “on” over head).

    Thanks Frannie-o-la!

  2. stephanie says:

    YES! congrats! I need to go search for this issue…to get ideas! for my new project….when when when, can’t wait!

    I ADORE those subway cars….fantastic!


  3. jennlui says:

    ha ha ha!!! freak flag fly… i love it! and this post. those subway cars are awesome! ooohhhh the dreaming that could go on in there. i am lucky to be able to have a room in my home for my creating, but at the moment i’m buried in my own mess of supplies! yikes!!!

  4. Renee Howell says:

    Looking forward to a week from Tuesday for our Art Day! Wouldn’t it be loverly to work in a “tagged” subway car! WOW! See you soon! …with the memory and heat of Taos….

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