Frida’s Wardrobe


Sorry I've been a little off-line lately….hayfever's getting the best of me and I'm trying to get all my goodies completed for the Studio Tour. However….I did want to take a moment to share this wonderful book with you. Like many of you I'm a Frida fan. Even though she's become such a recognized icon and a tad over-exposed, in my opinion, as an artist and as a woman I still draw inspiration. 

One of the things that I have always been intrigued and inspired by was her bold choice for individual expression – her clothes and jewelry. This wonderful book  does a great job of literally letting us inside her closet. When she died Diego Rivera stipulated that her clothes, dressing room and all personal effects be locked up for a period of 50 years, to be seen by no one. In 2004 the doors of her bedroom at Casa Azul swung open and two very lucky restoration experts, Denise and Magdalena Rosenzwig, were allowed in for the first time. Their vivid descriptions of that first day made me feel like I was in the room with them. What follows are numerous amazing photographs and stories of the restored clothing set against the Casa Azul background. What really intrigued me was the way the editor paired a restored outfit on one page with a photo of Frida wearing the same clothes on the other. 

I think this is a very wonderful addition to any artist's library. It's a fiber lover's treasure trove and look into Frida's private world without being a creeper stalker wanna be. I highly recommend it. 


p.s. If you live in the Bay area (lucky you) there is a really great exhibit at SFMOMA on Frida Kahlo. It has a very interesting on-line feature which has several small video clips of Frida and Deigo at Casa Azul. I loved seeing her in her house – no dis to Salma Hayek who was fabulous in the movie - but it's even better seeing the real Frida. Click on the "Faces of Frida" and then on the video icon "Kahlo at Home" to see the film clip.

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  1. stephanie says:

    I did not know this! How amazing to open those doors to Frida’s world. Have you been to Casa Azul? It’s been on my list for ages.

    I really hoped that the Frida exhibit would have come to Denver.

  2. nikole says:

    oh, this looks like a great book

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