So Long Old Friend, Hello Gorgeous!


As you may already know, in February the Polaroid company announced it was closing it’s factories and that Polaroid film was going the way of the dial telephone. Good bye old friend. Many a 70’s memory we had together. Drunken moments memorialized. Uncle Dougie’s hula skirt incident. Art projects galore.


But here is the BIG news – the next gen instant printer for our digital age, will make it’s debut this fall. Just in time for the holidays and before the next journaling retreat! Imagine the possibilities! The picture above shows this neat and tiny (the size of credit card) printer that can hook-up wirelessly to your phone (Bluetooth), or with a cable to your digital camera. It opens like a compact to reveal a computer chip, a 2-inch long thermal printhead and a new kind paper embedded with microscopic layers of dye crystals that create a multitude of colors when heated. Cool, huh?

It comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery that will last for about 15 shots (recharge time?) and the paper (2″ X 3″) won’t be quite as expensive as the old Polaroid film – about 33 to 40 cents a sheet as opposed to a dollar for the old film. The prints will be borderless with a semigloss finish – and the BEST PART FOR JOURNALERS – they come with an adhesive backing that can be peeled off for instant stick! Whoa! This is so cool, I can hardly stand it. I read the expected retail price will be about $150. They know they are competing with on-line viewing of digital images and want to entice people away from virtual reality back to old school, everyday 3-D reality. Which is fine by me. I love this reality and the feel of the moment before caught in a photo, in my hot little hands. Or stuck to a journal page. Instant gratification. The old fashioned way.

3 Responses to So Long Old Friend, Hello Gorgeous!

  1. Lisa Hoffman says:

    Leave it to YOU, the queen of cutting edge technology, to know this stuff.
    Just when I was ready to start cutting out random letters from magazines so that I could send a nasty letter to Polaroid. I guess that it’s time to move on.
    Nice info score!
    It’s now on the list…..
    I sleep better knowing that you have my Tech Back.

    Lisa H

  2. I’m TOTALLY getting this. Hooray!!

  3. stephanie says:

    WOWIE!!! AND an adhesive backing….putting this on my wish list RIGHT NOW!!!


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