New Music in the Studio


I’ve been in a music rut lately. Maybe it’s the turn of the season or I’m just outgrowing my Chill genre phase, but these 3 new CD’s are getting my groove on. I’ve never liked Sheryl Crow, too pop for my taste. But I have to say this new one is just political enough and deep enough to hold my attention. Love the upbeat message and melodies in “Out of Our Heads.” “God Bless This Mess” is a plea and a mantra we should all be chanting every single day.


Do you Weepie? I love this duo. Think Juno soundtrack, only better. Mellow vibe, lilting melodies and thoughtful lyrics. Just right.


Remember “Low Spark of High Heeled Boys?” God, I loved that album. Almost wore it out. So cool. Well Steve Winwood (no longer “Stevie”) is back and doing his own thing. Great guitar playing and mature in a good way. Like Joni Mitchell. Walking thier paths and evolving as artists, and sharing the journey with us.

Get your groove on. What are you listening to?

3 Responses to New Music in the Studio

  1. stephanie says:

    ohh, I am hearing the Low Spark of High Heeled Boys in my head now!!! Does THAT bring back memories! I love getting music tips…because, I need them….what am I listening to right now??? NPR…


  2. Lisa Hoffman says:

    It’s a good thing that Stevie Winwood is age-ing and I’m not.

    I just saw the new WEEPIES disc. Thanks for the review. I’m buying myself a Mothers Day Gift…and by the way…Happy M.D. to one of my Hero Mommas.

    Love to you.

  3. Kathy Lopez says:

    WOW! Talk about music taking you back to a place. I am THERE. My friend Susie and I wore out that track! Low spark of high heeled boys, just saying it again makes me hear it and remember how special music really is. Thanks for the tip. Love ya, Kathy

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