Oh My Bleeding Heart


I love this plant. It’s a hardy soul. I bought it in a 3″ pot when we first moved in about 9 years ago and despite frigid cold and searing heat, it’s thriving. It blooms early and then dies back. But it’s tender pink hearts inspire me.


How can a little flower be so perfect? It’s little cluster of cousins all hang together, yet each one so individual.

I’ve got spring fever.

2 Responses to Oh My Bleeding Heart

  1. Lisa Hoffman says:

    You and that fab garden!
    If only your readership could see it.
    Many people have beautiful gardens, but how many people ALSO have stunning views of the Rockies and a coyote trail through the property?….sheesh….

    Lisa H.

  2. stephanie says:

    They are perfect! aren’t they! I do worry though if we get a heavy wet snow, I hate when I lose them before they are done with their show.

    Crossing fingers that won’t happen…


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