And The Band Played On


I loved this movie because it was slow. Not slow as in, “dear god when is this going to be over,” but slow as in a deep breath. It is very charming and the pacing allows you to enjoy the characters and have a sense of place. It’s funny and poignant, without being obvious or overstated.

Just after college I shared a house with 2 Israeli brothers. Rami was an excellent vegetarian cook and Oded, while a chef by training, let Rami do all the cooking while he chased the girls. This movie reminded me a little of them. I loved the haunting music and the wonderful Egyptian songs the Band brought to life. If it comes to town, and you have a chance, grab a popcorn, take a deep breath and enjoy the sweet slow lane for a while.

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  1. stephanie says:

    This looks wonderful but it isn’t available yet on netflix…where did you get a hold of it???

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