Stand With Tibet – Support The Dalai Lama


“After decades of repression, Tibetans are crying out to the world for change. China’s leaders are right now making a crucial choice between escalating brutality or dialogue that could determine the future of Tibet, and China.”

“We can affect this historic choice — China does care about its international reputation. But it will take an avalanche of global people power to get the government’s attention. The Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, has called for restraint and dialogue: he needs the world’s people to support him.”

This is from the organization who are asking people to sign a petition that states the following:

Petition to Chinese President Hu Jintao:

“As citizens around the world, we call on you to show restraint and respect for human rights in your response to the protests in Tibet, and to address the concerns of all Tibetans by opening meaningful dialogue with the Dalai Lama. Only dialogue and reform will bring lasting stability. China’s brightest future, and its most positive relationship with the world, lies in harmonious development, dialogue and respect.”

If you are interested in learning more about and their petition for sanity, you can go their website and sign the petition here.

If you’d like more information on the situation in Tibet, I found an interesting article in the Washington Post, What They Are Really Fighting For In Tibet, which you can find here.

I will now get off my soap box and return to regular artful blogging.

2 Responses to Stand With Tibet – Support The Dalai Lama

  1. Lisa Hoffman says:

    Thank goodness for people like you. How can we NOT use our art, our Blog as a platform..OUR VOICE to speak out against repression. Didn’t we supposedly go to war in the Middle East to bring freedom to a repressed people?
    This is a cause that most can agree upon…the murder and repression of an intelligent, gentle and peace-loving people. Oh, and by the way, I can’t imagine what happens to the karma of a regime that messes with our (“humanities” that is) Dalai Lama.

    Thank you SO much for passing this on!

    Lisa H.

  2. stephanie says:

    They are shutting down all communication in Tibet…quite frightening. I hope the world can bring some focus and attention here.

    thank you for the info and links!

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