Mille Grazie – Grazie Mille


A friend of mine, well actually a friend of a friend, did a very special favor for me and I wanted to treat her. So I made a little artist box for her with a few goodies. It was a fun little project (which was another gift to me), and I wanted to really show her my gratitude for her precious time in helping me. So mille grazie – a thousand thanks.

Hope she likes it and feels my gratitude, even though she’s a thousand miles away and a very new friend. I’ll keep you posted.

3 Responses to Mille Grazie – Grazie Mille

  1. Lisa Hoffman says:

    Anyone on the receiving end of your generosity is Lucky-Lucky-Lucky-Lucky….

    Beautiful photo too…..

    Having a good weekend?

  2. IT WAS ME!!! As Lisa said, I am so LUCKY-LUCKY-LUCKY. What a surprise and delight, first the outside, then the inside, so cleverly done and filled with so many goodies!!! I used my Starbucks card last night for girls night out and treated all my friends. THANK YOU FRAN, I was so touched 🙂

  3. stephanie says:

    Such a package of delights! Lucky girl indeed!

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