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Spring. Really?

Spring. Really?

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Springtime in Colorado…I’m wanting Spring to spring, and have made my spring alter, just waiting for warmer, greener days …

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…but what I have is this. A little more snow and cold. Patience. Always patience as we wait for spring to really arrive here.

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I love the spring food holidays and this year combined the big ones into “EaseOver” – Friends eased-on-over and we shared matzo, deviled eggs, matzo ball soup, Honey Baked Ham, Horseradish Potatoes, Roasted Asparagus and matzo candy and coffee! I’m sure somewhere this would offend someone, but it seemed just right for our little tribe.

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This lovely snow has made our backyard a mud pit…waiting for the weather to cooperate for our new patio. Patience. Always patience.

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Whiling away these last few snow days…I finished miss Guadalupe…


…and have started Mr. Fox…a great Ryan Berkley pattern, compliments of Sublime Stitching.

And now for the best film tip I will give you all year…Sound City. This documentary, while seemingly about the recording biz of days gone by, is really about the power of the human experience in the arts. A very, very inspiring story.

After you’ve watched it you’ll want more Dave Grohl. Insanely talented musician and now filmmaker, he gave the Keynote Speech this year at South By Southwest (SXSW). He’s a masterful storyteller and as he unwinds his story about how he became a musician and the chances he took…I kind of fell in love. Seriously. It’s 45 minutes and it’s worth every single minute. Watch it. You’ll be inspired. This was one of my favorite parts,

“There is no right or wrong. There is only YOUR VOICE. YOUR VOICE screaming through an old Neve 8028 recording console, your voice singing from a laptop, your voice echoing from a street corner. A cello, a turntable, a guitar, serrato, a struder. It doesnt’ matter. What matters most is that it’s YOUR VOICE. Respect it. Cherish it. Nurture it. Challenge it. Stretch it. Scream until it’s fucking gone. Because every human being is blessed with at least that. And who knows how long it will last. It’s there if you want it.”

Wow! That applies to all of us. Musicians for not. Us as artists and us a human beings.

Hope you are finding your voice this spring…rain, shine or snow.

Inspiration Monday

Inspiration Monday

  Well…the month of February was consumed with illness. This season’s cooties took me out, one right after the other. Lots of Vietnamese penicillin…AKA Pho, helped nourish my weakened corporeal existence. I did get in a quick trip to Seattle with my son…love that city and it was fun to take my traveling companion toContinue Reading

Fire and Ice and an Interview

  This sunrise last week had me stepping out onto the back patio in my slippers and just gawking, slack-jawed as the sky caught fire. Truly awe inspiring. I felt very small in a very signifcant way, humbled to witness this fire in the winter landscape. When I move to town in March I willContinue Reading

Some Inspiration

As the first days of 2012 roll by, I thought I'd share a bit of inpsiration that has come my way. I was really delighted to find a new magazine! As a lifelong magazine-a-holic, and former magazine adveriting director, I am always thrilled to find a new magazine to tuck into. And it is aContinue Reading


  I finished a journal up this weekend. I jump around in them, so it sometimes takes me a while. This one I started in February at the PLAY retreat and finished with my Taos trip. I made another one so I'd not be without one – they've been sitting together on my work table,Continue Reading

Old Work, New Work, Finished Work

  This week I finished up work in two journals…completion feels good. I tend to jump around from journal to journal, so not all the pages are sequential in time and space. So when they are done it feels good to stand back and see the journey they took me on. I learned from myContinue Reading