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Getting Arboreal: A Nature Collection – Part III


Last September I joined Julie  and numerous other collaborators for an arbor-real tour. We all chose a favorite tree and documented it through a change of seasons. If you check out Ms. Land of Lost Luggage's blog and peruse her left side bar you can click on the rest of the tour participants. Trees large and small, sweet and grand made the grade. In the last weeks of summer, I chose this beauty which graces the end of the driveway at my new, soon to be remodeled, house. We call her the "Guardian" – she's over 100 years old.


Winter came early this year and by very early November she had shed her leafy mane and replaced it with a mantle of snow .


And now spring has finally, finally begun to reveal itself to us here and a leafy green lace has broken out. Barely visible until you get up close…


…you can just see it peeking out against a true blue Colorado sky.


I love this tree and have felt so honored to be her witness through this circle around the sun. I have lived out on the high plains for 11 years – semi-arid and beautiful in it's own way, but I cannot wait to move in with the trees. Thanks, Julie, for the tour arbor-real. Happy Spring!