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Hello Spring!

“Spring has come again. The earth is like a child who knows poems by heart.” Rainer Maria Rilke

Well hello there! Spring, you’re here early this year but, I will happily take you as you are. So relieved to give the old heave-ho to winter. Can’t pack up the sweaters just yet…one day it’s 75 and the next we get some snow (like today), but the easing of the grip of grey and brown, dark days and bitter cold is welcome. It’s a joy to watch the earth come back to life.

Over the long hibernating season I crocheted and stitched on tea stained wool felt with yarn, recovered from a little surgery, read, worked and dreamed up a new adventure. In September I’ll be hosting and facilitating an artist’s retreat at the lovely Mabel Dodge Luhan House in Taos, NM. Open to 12 artist’s who can work independently (there will be no formal instruction), we will gather for a week in a spacious adobe studio with ample room to spread out. Each participant will have a 3′ X 8′ table with adjoining wall space. We’ll sleep under the New Mexico stars, each tucked into a cozy bed in one of Mabel’s many bedrooms. We’ll be nourished with breakfast and dinner from Mabel’s kitchen and dine together in her lovely dining room. While days are spent in solo work, field trips and meals are in community. The wifi only works in the Mabel’s living and dining rooms, so it can also be a kind of media vacation as well. This week will an amazing time to work in your chosen medium, alone, but together in community and to nourish your creative voice as well as your spirit. And thankfully, and with great gratitude, let Mabel’s kitchen nourish your body. For more information, click over on the right hand side of this blog on the Taos Studio Retreat button…all the details there. And don’t let the word “artist” intimidate you. If you are a creative person who can work independently, you’ll fit right in. Join us!

The lovely portal along the front of Mabel’s house.

In the department of inspiration, I had the pleasure of seeing some films at the Boulder International Film Festival in February and I thought I’d tell you about 3 of them, all wonderful and out soon.

Ella Brennan: Commanding The Table – So inspiring. But beware, you will feel you have done nothing all day. This woman is a powerhouse.

California Typewriter – Quirky in the best way. For the typewriter lover in all of us. If you don’t have one now, you’ll want one at the end of this film.

Obit – I’m not sure why I’m so fascinated by the obits, but I love reading them. Something about the arc of a life. I life cemeteries too – all those stories. This film is about the wonderful obit writers at the New York Times and their celebration of lives well lived.

Enjoy your spring!


The Land of Being Enchanted – Part Two

The Land of Being Enchanted – Part Two

The supplies got packed… …and that long ribbon of highway beckoned to the Land of Enchantment. I was inspired and humbled by the more than 150 folk artists from 60 countries at the International Folk Art Market (photo from their website). Most traveled very long distances by bus and boats and camels and cars andContinue Reading

The Land Of Being Enchanted – Part One

The Land Of Being Enchanted – Part One

Yes, indeed, I’ve been enchanted…  …by the sky and the International Folk Art Market gathering of world makers… …cups of early morning tea with Taos Mountain as my companion… …platters of high summer berries at the Mabel Dodge Luhan House… …color studies in the studio… …and big drawings on their way to being paintings… …andContinue Reading

June Love

June Love

I’m back! For reals. I know it’s been a while…like a year. Life took over. Things happened. Mostly good. But I’m back with a new blog. Still under construction, but I’m liking it very much. So…it’s June!! My favorite month. I was honored to be asked by my beloved Two Hands Paperie to create theirContinue Reading

The Makerie

The Makerie

A few weeks ago I had the great pleasure of attending the third annual Makerie Creative Retreat, right here in my home town of Boulder, Colorado. The brain child of the darling uber-event-organizer, Ali DeJohn, it was a fun filled crafting/art weekend at the lovely Chautauqua Park.  Being a local I opted to bunk at home,Continue Reading

A Paris Lunch

A Paris Lunch

2013 is off to a very good start! I am working my way through The Artist’s Way with 3 wonderful women friends and fellow artists. I’ve done it twice before over the years, but always on my own. This time we’ve formed a group, a sacred circle, and are getting together once a week to checkContinue Reading

Architectural Gems

Way back in December…what seems like forever ago now..I ventured to the big city to take Judith Cassel-Mamet's wonderful Architectural Gems drawing class. For three Mondays we gathered to learn about perspective drawing and had the chance to explore some great Denver landmarks. This is a keyhole view from inside the State Capitol Building looking outContinue Reading

Que Vida!

  Well, well…hasn't it been an interesting week?? It all began for me with a trip to see my daughter in NYC just a few days before the Frankenstorm…AKA Sandy Storm of the Century. Tea was sipped and stories were told…with a keen eye on the approaching storm… …the Plaza Hotel was strolled through…on theContinue Reading

Break Into Fall

I have to say, whoever invented fall break was a freaking genius in my book. While the teachers need time to plan, the kids get time to goof off. As a side note, I think I went to school from the day after Labor Day until Thanksgiving with nary a day off…but that was backContinue Reading

A Walk In The Woods

So far the tail end of summer has been a whirlwind of transitions and the to-do list keeps getting longer instead of shorter. Whew! I'm kind of ready for the cooler, shorter days of fall! So when I had the chance to take Marty Colon's wonderful Illustrated Field Journaling class, I jumped! Two whole daysContinue Reading