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Field Trip Friday


 Ok, so this wasn't my field trip…it was my daughter's…but the photos she brought home are beautiful and I wanted to share them.


She just returned from several weeks in Southeast Asia doing community service work and traveling with Rustic Pathways, an organization that sponsors teens in service projects all over the world. She spent two weeks at the Kampong Cham Orphanage in Cambodia, a week at an elephant conservation project and another week traveling through Thailand, Burma and Loas. She's turned out to be quite a photographer. Have a look…


A cultural dance at the Kampong Cham Orphanage…


…a golden Buddha at a temple in Laos…


…a monk's blessing at a temple near the orphanage…


…an elder blessing bracelet ceremony… 


….a morning elephant bath…


…the lovely hands of a burmese woman…


…an ancient Buddha at one of the temples at Angkor Wat. Love watching her watch the world!

Field Trip Friday – Got Journal?

  This week I have a story to share about going to an onsen bath in Japan. But first…I want to give myself a shameless plug for a Travel Journal Class I'll be teaching next weekend in Boulder at Common Threads. If you are in the area, or traveling here, come join me. Read on toContinue Reading

Field Trip Friday

"July 13, 2004 – 10:15 p.m. Chatham Straight, SE Alaska. Wow! Dark is descending and the boat is surrounded by humpback whales. We counted 22 at least. A calm sea, twilight hovering, gentle flukes gracefully arcing through the water.    The sound of the exhale so clear and extraordinary. Five or six in quick succession.Continue Reading

Field Trip Friday

In 2005 I had the amazing opportunity to travel to South Africa. We spent time in Cape Town, Johannesburg and at the Mala Mala game reserve bordering Kruger National Park. The trip was a whirlwind and I had virtually no time to sketch or jourmal ( a good reason to go back). So much toContinue Reading

Field Trip Friday – Spring Break

I know I've been gone for a while. Spring Break had us piling in the sedan and heading south to Santa Fe. No planes or airport hassels, just the long, beautiful drive down the road to the New Mexico desert. The drive fills me with wonder at the open spaces and makes me believe inContinue Reading

Field Trip Friday

It's hard to believe our trip to the land down under was already four years ago. When I pulled this out, it all came flooding back, just like I hope it will in 24 years when I dust it off and flip it open. The power of travel journals. And since I have trouble rememberingContinue Reading

Field Trip Friday – er.. Wednesday

This week's Field Trip was actually on Wednesday. Parker had the day off for parent teacher conferences and we had time to slip down to Denver for a little art action. I love that he still wants to do this with me. It was the first warm day (55) that we've had in a very,Continue Reading

Field Trip Friday

Marathon Key, Florida – A few years ago we left the day after school was out for summer to explore the Floriday Keys. Home to many a pirate hideout, it was a fun getaway with some family friends. Twisted mangrove swamps and little inlets and outlets. Not so many beaches, but relaxing and warm. IContinue Reading

Beach Gestures

  A different kind of field trip this Friday morning. Some photos from a morning walk on my favorite beach in Port Townsend. Small gestures, little poems of random placments of beach debris, the perfection of a curve…    …so lovely and perfect…   …little paintings in the sand… …that could all be translated ontoContinue Reading

Field Trip Friday

In 2006 the kids and I tagged along on a business trip with my husband to Florence and Venice. I know, right? I have always loved the Italian Renaissance and being in Florence was a dream come true.    While in Florence we took a family cooking class with Judy Witts Francini of Divina Cucina. ItContinue Reading