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Long May She Wave

Long May She Wave


Happy Fourth of July Everyone! I will be spending my day hiking in a place I love, with the man I love. Watching a parade. Eating all the summery foods I can get my hands on. Counting my blessings and loving my country (but not always it’s government). This week especially has me thinking about women’s rights, which are human rights. And I’ve been very touched by this video. And feel inspired and empowered by my girl’s blog post. And yes, I throw like a woman, I wake up like a woman, I wield a pencil and paintbrush like a woman, I hike and workout like woman. And you know what else I do? I vote like a woman. And this Independence Day has me understanding, ever more deeply, how important that right and freedom is. Enjoy your Fourth of July and all the beauty it reveals! Long May She Wave!!


The Sketchbook Project

Way back in the summer I signed up to be a part of The Sketchbook Project. The brainchild of the folks at the Art House Co-op and The Brooklyn Art Library, the idea was to ask artists to submit a sketchbook for their permanent collection and to go on tour. As they put it, "It's likeContinue Reading

When The Fire Lays Down

  We have been besieged by a massive forest fire in the mountains just west from where I live. A terrible kind of beauty. 91 homes have burned and the fire, as of today, is zero percent contained. I have been visualizing rain and just holding all those affected in my higher thoughts. At nightContinue Reading

Good Stories, Well Told…

It seems like everywhere I look everybody's suggesting Summer Reading. And while some of the books look good, I can't help but wonder if it's just PR department spin to sell books. Can they really be as good as the dust jacket suggests? So I thought I'd tell you about several stories that have capturedContinue Reading

Celebrating The Light

Happy Summer Solstice! It seems as if the sun and it's radiance is showing up everywhere! After such a long winter I welcome each and every morning I can take my tea out to the garden and just breath in the luscious scents of summer! I am feeling the creative flow of this wonderful timeContinue Reading